Coming soon to the studio: HOCUS!

This week we locked-in the dates for our first set of arts&lifestyle workshops, one of which was accomplished by a chance run-in with friends Andrei and Sheina of HOCUS.

April is now officially screen print month for The Studio, thanks to an impromptu meeting with this no-nonsense screen print and design team in their headquarters in Makati. I came to see Hocus’ Screen Printed Textiles exhibition, running until today (February 27) at the CraftMNL shop, and was lucky to catch the Hocus duo there to finalise and formalise workshop talks that I had initiated two weeks prior. And just like that, we are on. Hooray for the easygoing pair! Final details and calls to reserve a slot in our upcoming screen print workshop this April c/o HOCUS to be posted soon (details out now! sign up here– ). And stay tuned as well to find out what’s in the pipeline for May! 

Go catch the last day of the exhibit today, and you might just as well get more than what you came for, too 🙂



20150225_155851   20150225_160009  



Andrei and I were classmates in grade school through to high school. We saw each other again at a bazaar in Cuenca (Ayala Alabang) where he and Sheina did a screen print demo. This was my first introduction to HOCUS and I have been a fan ever since. Visit the Hocus Facebook page to know more about what they do–



Sheina and Andrei of HOCUS, at a screen print demo

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