Stretching for the Nondancer

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The first in a series of dance and dance-related classes to be introduced for teens and adults, TheStudio opens a stretching and body conditioning class designed to offer what recent fitness and workout trends do not.

The program pulls from a long-time tradition of taking care of the dancer’s body, and brings together body conditioning for different dance disciplines and athletics, and simple body smarts, in a holistic session that covers tension relief, expanding range of movement, posture development, proper warm up and cool down, and strength-building. Students should leave the class with a better understanding of their own body, and an appreciation of the importance of stretching in their regular day-to-day activities. It should also lead to the fostering and achievement of personal lifestyle goals and general well-being.

The program essentially starts from a ballet dancer’s perspective, but application is targeted to the nondancer. “Ballet is hardly about breaking your bones and joints, doing splits on the floor and being able to kick your leg up to your ear. Sadly, not even many dancers know that,” shares Jacqui Jacinto, studio director and teacher. “There is so much more to stretching, such as relieving tension and aligning the spine, that could easily turn the average sluggish person into one with a lighter and happier disposition.”

This stretching class is open to dance enthusiasts, nonprofessionals and hobbyists, retired or out-of-shape ballerinas and athletes, teens and young adults looking to adopt a more active lifestyle, and absolutely anybody who just wants to streeeettchhh.

Join us on Sundays at 5pm to 630pm, and explore what proper stretching can do for you.

Call ahead to confirm availability of your chosen date/s –Mobile: +63 917 8471651 ; Email:

Fees: 500pesos for one session; 1500pesos for one month

*TEAM alumni get 30% discount

The Studio is located in 7 Waling Waling Rd. Pilar Village Las Pinas (for map and directions, click here– )